Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is the world trying to tell me?

In a conference of random events, I was greeted in Indianapolis with what I can only describe as a stroke of odd luck.

My adventure begins in DC as I arrive at the airport for my 6:15 am flight only to discover it has been delayed until 8:40.... Could have slept two more hours... Damn. No big deal, I think, I can just chill in the airport.... Only problem - I'm in the bad terminal.

So I'll just go through security and study for a while (because what else do you want to do at 5am??? - I know... You're jealous).

Now... I need to preface what I am about to say by telling you what I'm wearing (no this is not one of those questions). I am in pumps, black slacks, a bright green shirt and a white jacket - professional with a bit of pizzaz.

Well what do you know... I'm RANDOMLY selected for secondary screening. Who am I? My mother? (She always gets selected). So I'm going with the flow and think NBD (no big deal) I have time. So I am "strip searched" / groped and then let go (I didn't set off any alarms).

Three hours later I am getting ready to board my fight (delayed 2 hours) and our flight is randomly selected for secondary inspection. However, our flight is only a quarter full and only one person is selected for secondary screen (or tertiary in this case) - yes you guessed it, I was selected for additional screening - I mean really!?! I made a joke with the guy saying "Boy, you guys are really thorough today" his response - you put on your jacket, that is why you were selected. Now I'm just confused - I never took off my jacket???? Was he trying to cop a feel?

Anyway, in the plane for the quick flight to Indy. I thought all was well. I grabbed my luggage, hopped into a cab and had enough time that the cab could take me to hotel before I went into work. The cab is pulling up to the Westin, when, in a flurry of activity, we're sideswiped by another cab. I mean really?!? So I just grab my luggage and leave (to throw it in my room because I have a meeting to get to). The bellmen, meanwhile, were astonished at the developments. Fortunately, my karma is turning around and I check into the hotel and drop off my luggage.

I come back to the bell station where I request another cab. You guessed it, the cab that sideswiped. Me earlier is the one taking my to work. What are the odds ?!?

You can't make this stuff up. Welcome to my absurd reality!

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