Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Name Creek

Have you ever noticed that when driving on the highway, signs on the side of the road will let you know what river, mountain pass or other geographical wonder you're about to pass is called. I've always thought this is a great public service (maybe because I like maps and knowing where I'm going) and worth the money to educate my fellow drivers about Sugar Creek, etc.

Well... I think that there is a line when it comes to labeling geographical interests. Maybe I'm wrong, but judge for yourself.

When driving towards Dayton from Indianapolis you're on I-70. About halfway to Dayton (but still in Indiana) there is a sign labeling a local creek. The sign says "No Name Creek". Every time I drive by "No Name Creek" the following questions pop into my head.

  • Did someone really name the creek "No Name"?
  • Is there really a creek?
  • Does the creek really not have a name and is henceforth referred to as "No Name" because there is nothing else to call it?
  • If the creek really doesn't have a name, why bother to label it at all?
  • Can I get the creek named after myself? (No this is not vanity, but I think O'Connor creek is better than no name creek... Don't you think?)
  • If that state isn't will to name the creek after me, how about these names? Rockne Creek? Manning Waterway?
  • How much of my tax dollars went into making, installing and maintaining a sign for a creek without a name?
  • Finally, did none of the bureaucrats say... Hmmm maybe we shouldn't make a sign labeling a creek without a name?

Just some food for thought for a creek with no name (Yay! America... A Horse with No Name...). Any other questions that come to mind?


On another note... I was trying to find a picture of this sign online, and the issue is apparently more prevalent that I originally thought. Here are some more examples... I mean seriously!


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