Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Modern Woman... Multi-tasking

A modern women is merely wasting time if she isn't multi-tasking 90% of the time. Here are some examples ofhow a modern women can multi-task (Men... learn):
  • When shopping for groceries, a modern woman will be thinking... hmmm, if I buy some canned goods, my walk home will count as a workout as I lug my bags down the block.
  • When riding on the metro, a modern woman will listen to an ipod, pretend to read a newspaper (but will really be checking out th guys around her), emailing / texting / writing next blog entry, and making a list of the 10 things she needs to remember when she gets off the metro.
  • When walking her dog, a modern woman will try to make multiple trips in one (example, don't just walk your dog, take out the garbage, move your care, go to the drug store, read a book... etc).
  • When sitting in class and actively participating, a modern woman will be responding to emails (both personal and work), catching up on her reading, and trying to stay awake (and yes... the last one does count as multi-tasking.

On second thought... maybe there is something to be said about sitting back and relaxing. Maybe this is an opportunity to learn from the modern man... how can we just do one thing at a time?

Any other examples of how a modern woman multi-tasks?

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