Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I appreciate my study group - Rakesh

Rakesh is responsible to keeping the train on the track in my study group. In my mind, he can be summed up in one word - DEPENDABLE. He is always the first to suggest that we meet and he takes care of us. Please note, that dependable does not equal boring... far from it. Rakesh is the man with the plan, he always goes to everything (from a recitation, to office hours, to the Red Line Pub Crawl - more on this later) and fills the rest of our group in on what we missed (which can sometimes be considerable) and helps to plan a study group agenda. Oddly enough, we are usually right on the same page (even to our notes in the margin of our papers). I would not be doing as well as I am in school without him. I would also be a lot colder since he gives me rides home on Tuesday. He also has a great laugh and can bring out his lighthearted side in any study session.

Red Line Pub Crawl.....

I was hosting a pub crawl on the red metro line a few weeks ago. We were broken into two teams - Blue and GREEN (YEAH GREEN). He volunteered to be referee the match (see dependable) so that we would know who won. He diligently kept scoreat every pub, making sure people checked in with him to record their scores. This is my favorite picture... Rakesh tallying up the totals at the last bar, while we all sat around... waiting in anticipation... for the results. In case you can't tell, yes that is a calculator and score sheet he has.

Editors Note: My team (Green) won this event with Stephen and Drew as MVP's - GO IRISH.

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