Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I appreciate my study group - Kate

This is the first in my series... Why I appreciate my study group.

Kate is a character to say the least. She always has a way to make you smile (and drink a beer). I think the only way to appreciate Kate is by reading a few stories about her...

My favorite story about Kate is when I had a mouse in my house and I was on the edge of hysterics. I didn't know who to call, so I called her to help me get through it. She answered and says, "Are you ok?" I say, "Yes." She then asked me if I was laughing or crying. To be honest at that point I couldn't tell. All I could hear was the mouse squeaking and digging around in my kitched. My good for nothing dog (a.k.a Princess) was too scarred to go into the kitchen. But it was KATE, the superhero, who was able to talk me through it.

My second favorite story about Kate is the Eskimo story (please see the picture). It was inaguration weekend and since she lives in the boondocks, she was camping out at my place. Little did I know that she literally met "camping". She shows up on my doorsteps, in what can only be described as an Eskimo suit (but she was also wearing a big 50lb hiking pack). I laughed so hard when I opened the door I thought I was going to fall over. Words cannot describe this outfit, you just have to see the picture.

Thanks for always making me laugh.

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