Thursday, February 5, 2009

Raptors Lose in Indiana... Beware

Maybe it is because I didn’t sleep last night, but I was reading The Express (Washington Post supplement handed out free to everyone) this morning and came across the following line… I’m still laughing about it.

Early Warnings: HEY, NEVER CRY WOLF.

Pranksters in at least three states are messing with electronic road signs meant to warn motorists of possible traffic problems by putting drivers on notice about Nazi zombies and raptors. The latest breach came Tuesday during the morning rush hour near Collinsville, Ill, where hackers changed a sign along southbound Interstate 255 to read, “DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES.” A day earlier, an electronic message board in Hamilton County, Ind, construction zone warned drivers of “RAPTORS AHEAD - CAUTION.”

I hope everything is ok in Indiana. I was worried when I heard Raptors were on the lose.

Here is how this is playing out in my head… I’m driving home to Noblesville and just before I get to DeerCreek (or Verizon Wireless Music Center) I am attacked. Raptors leap from the woods onto my car. Rockne is furiously barking because he is trying to be a real man. He scares off the Raptors and then head down 69 to cause more trouble in Fishers.

This is why i can’t stop laughing.

My friend Rosey seemed comforted by the fact that Raptors and not Zombies were hanging out in Indiana. “I think I’d pick raptors over Nazi Zombies. Chris plays some video game with a “Nazi zombie” level, and those things are scary! I wouldn’t put it past them to crawl through the TV and start wreaking havoc on the St Louis area. They’re crazy.”

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