Monday, February 16, 2009

Discussion on 24

Rosey: I'm going to live in 24 world and respond to everything with a "copy that"
Amy: so were you excited about AARON? I was!
Rosey: yep i squealed like a little girl
Amy: i almost called you
Rosey: when bill said he knew someone trustworthy, i started getting excited
Rosey: and then i heard the voice and was like "AAAAAARONNNN!!!"
Amy: i thought he was going to send tony
Rosey: eh, i still don't trust tony. i think he's a double-double agent
Amy: but he's so pretty
Rosey: i know. he hasn't been on in a couple eps
Amy: I agree... the chick isn't a bad-ass
Rosey: i seriously hate her
Amy: i am, however, waiting for Cholee and the other IT chick to throwdown
Rosey: such a whiny little girl. i know, but chloe better win
Amy: you doubt that?
Rosey: i was also excited to see morris
Amy: please, i was never a big morris fan
Rosey: me neither, but i was happy to see chloe happy
Amy: I liked Edgar
Rosey: he was great. i was soooo sad during his little silent clock
Amy: Tear...

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