Monday, February 23, 2009

A Disaster

No not my crazy busy life... my condo.

The saga begins over Thanksgiving. I was being productive and doing a lot of laundry... apparently the laundry Gods were getting back at me and a water leak started to appear. My parents were in town and commented that I should probably do something about it. Christmas rolls around... I'm again reminded to do something about it. Still no action. I think that in one part of my mind I'm thinking, "If I don't do anything then it'll just go away on it's own."


So I call a plumber and after cutting holes in my ceiling and walls, he tells me that the electrical wiring has been running hot and burning holes into my plumbing. Well this can't be good... I think to myself. I know I'm not my brother and I'm not an engineer, but from what I can remember electricity and water DO NOT mix. My plumber saves me, fixes the pipe and goes on his mary way.

I'm thinking to myself... problem solved. I'm reflecting on the debacle and I have an, "Oh Yeah", moment. It must be the water dripping from the pipe onto my electrical wire that has been causing my circuit breaker to flip off when I dry my hair (Note: this only occassionally happens). Phew! I can now dry my hair without running up and down the stairs.

Problem not solved: this morning circuit breaker flipped twice before I gave up. This is why I don't dry my hair on the weekends, too much exercise running up and down the stairs.

Good thing I didn't patch the holes yet, I'll need to have an electrician come out and make sure that I'm not accidently burning down my place.

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