Friday, August 6, 2010

Scary Thought... Am I becoming a Republican?

People in this town often identify themselves with being a Democrat or a Republican.  I remember when the 2008 elections was in full swing and I didn't know who I was voting for until I went to the polling center (and yes I was informed on the issues and their positions and yes, I realize that they are not at all similar).  My friends judged me (I sort of judged myself) but I was having a hard time because I don't identify with either party.

In Indiana, I am liberal. Very liberal.  But that is Indiana.  When I came out here, I was thinking you liberals are freakin' crazy.  Seriously, do you not know how the country works outside of the I-95 corridor?  I mean, we grow food, have small businesses, smile when you see your neighbor (we don't yell at them for no reason or purposefully look away when you see someone on the street and oh yeah... we wave when seeing people in the car.  I know Midwesterns are crazy... but at least we're nice). But in Indiana, I am progressive.  I am adamant that all people have equal rights.  I believe that one individual does not have the right to oppress the rights of someone else (this is why I'm pro gay marriage and pro-choice).  I don't have to agree with others' decisions, but I believe that it is their decision to make.  Revolutionary thought I know.

But in DC, liberals talk about business ruining America (ok... business don't always make the right decisions... ahem Wall Street), but where do you think the money comes from to fund all of these social programs people want to have.  I also meet crazy people who don't believe in giving people opportunities, but they believe in just giving people whatever they desire (hello... remember if you give a man a fish he eat for a day... if you teach a man to fish he'll eat for a lifetime). Have we become so dependent on our government that we forgot how to pick ourselves up? Should we be punishing companies and organizations that are the only possible way that we'll get out of the recession?

Then I think about the conservatives... I'm not going to lie. If I were to look at the extremes of both parties, I'd rather get into bed with the tree huggers than the likes of Anna Coulter or Rush Limbaugh.  I hear what they say and all I can think is... I can't believe people listen to you.  Do you really want to oppress rights on some people. If I had to pick a side in that battle, it would be liberal.  But then, why do I have to pick a side?

Can't I start my own party?  Most of the country is like me. Slightly schizophrenic on our political choices.  We are in the middle.  We know what we believe.  We are tired of politicians (and pundits) bastardizing the country and the people.  We truly want to help our neighbor when they need help, yet we're not going to support them forever.

The moral of my story, I don't know where I belong.  I know that I'm socially liberal yet economically conservative (for a fun discussion, get me to talk about our debt).  I made a bet a few weeks ago. I said in 40 years we'd have a strong third party alternative to the current system (and I'm not talking about the Tea Party crazies).  It will be for people in the middle who don't forget where they came from and aren't tied up in ideologies.

Are you with me?

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Anonymous said...

All extremists are crazy. I like to think that is not just a statement of opinion, but fact.

There are lots of people like you and I. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal... We're called Independents. ;) Join the party!